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Fall and Winter Wedding Trends for 2022

There’s a lot of love, support, and dedication that goes into planning a wedding when you enlist the help of those closest to you. Finding...

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Creative First Day of School Gifts for Students

Many back-to-school activities are exciting, including shopping for first day of school gifts for students entering a new grade. As a parent, you can choose something important to commemorate the occasion. At mymento, we’re all about taking a moment to make a memory... Read More

Why the Small Gestures Feel Like Something Big

Whether it’s grand acts of love, parties, or other major events that we use to recognize and appreciate others, there’s no denying that these types...

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8 Ways to Thank Your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are an important part of your wedding festivities even before the big day arrives. They are the ones who help throw your bachelorette...

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