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Personalized Cutting Boards

The kitchen is somewhere we all spend a lot of time. That’s why a personalized cutting board is such a great gift for anyone in your life. It makes cooking more pleasant if they otherwise see it as a chore, and more personal if it’s given as a fan of their food. Plus, with gorgeous designs and customization included, they’re appropriate for any occasion! Get one for newlyweds starting their lives together, parents whose cooking you’ve always loved for the holidays, or friends who could have been chefs just because. No matter what, they’re thoughtful, practical, and perfect.

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Get a Thoughtful and Functional Gift With a Laser Engraved Cutting Board

The best gifts aren’t just sentimental, they’re practical! Whether you’re looking for a housewarming present or you’re giving the chef in your life something that they will use for years to come, a hard maple cutting board is an excellent gift that will not only be used but remind your recipient of you each time they use it!


Custom Engraved Cutting Board

These chopping blocks are made from solid maple for high-performance! The beautiful maple finish with a dark personalization design makes this custom engraved cutting board a statement piece for any kitchen. Hang it above your countertop, use it to serve appetizers, or chop food for daily meals on it. Our solid maple cutting boards make excellent gifts for weddings, housewarming parties, anniversaries, birthdays, and more.


Say It Best with a Wood Paddle Cutting Board

A wood paddle cutting board is the perfect gift to commemorate a variety of occasions. The wood grain is rich and attractive, ensuring that the board will make a beautiful addition to any kitchen. The recipients can display it on their kitchen island or hang it from the wall. It’s also useful for day-to-day cooking. Your loved ones will think of you every time they use their engraved chopping board.


Personalized Walnut Cutting Board

This paddle cutting board makes a wonderful gift for housewarming parties, anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays. This cutting board engraves beautifully with our modern laser engraving machines. You can have your choice of dates, names, or phrases engraved for that extra-thoughtful touch.


Personalized Chopping Board

Searching for the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, housewarming party, or wedding? Look no further than our custom small maple cutting board. These high-quality chopping boards are made of true natural maple or walnut. Because you can personalize them, each of them is a gift that the recipient will never forget.


Make an Impact on Your Recipient With Our Walnut Wood Cutting Board

Major milestones like moving into a new home, getting married, or even anniversaries are events worth celebrating. But where do you find the perfect gift? Start here at mymento with gorgeous pieces like our engraved walnut cutting board. Say what you want to say with a stellar gift enhanced with a personalized message or engraved name!


Quality Personalized Serving Board

Serve up smiles and memories with this beauty — your loved one’s new favorite cutting board. This serving board is fabricated from genuine natural maple or walnut wood and engraved beautifully and precisely. These large walnut cutting boards are just as practical as they are stunning.


Engraved Wooden Cutting Board

The quality and charm of this custom wooden cutting board are second to none. This walnut chopping board makes an excellent gift for every occasion, ranging from a birthday to an anniversary to a housewarming party or a wedding. Because it’s made with genuine maple or natural walnut, you can expect this beauty to stand the test of time.

Celebrate the Moment With Engraved Cutting Boards

When we shop for ourselves, we tend to favor the practical over the pretty. We look at cost or gimmicks first and don’t always consider the aesthetics or personal touches. That’s why luxurious gifts are such a treat, particularly when they can be used every day. 

Buy the people you care about something customized, attuned to their interests, high quality, and beautiful, and they’ll remember it forever. Whether it’s a personalized cutting board or one of our other personalized wooden gifts, it’ll show how well you know them, it’ll be a pleasure to use, and it’ll be a memory that proves that someone loves them.

Thoughtful And Personal Gifts from mymento

It’s easy to find presents that are special and attractive at mymento. Our items are unique, stylish, and on-trend. You can even find the latest fashionable colors and designs with us. Give a gift that’s totally timeless when you shop at mymento!

Not only are our products both gorgeous and high quality, but customization on them is always free, and we also offer personalized gifts in bulk. Shop for one person or for the whole family — at mymento you can do it all. Browse the collection now.

FAQs About Cutting Boards

Are these personalized cutting boards functional or purely for decoration? 

Our engraved cutting boards are perfect for any occasion and can act as both a functional gift or a gorgeous decoration. We offer both traditional cutting board designs as well as paddle cutting boards that those close to you can use for food preparation or even hang somewhere in their kitchen. 

Will the personalized message rub off?

The personalized messages are engraved onto these cutting boards, so they will not rub off. Unlike boards that have messages printed on them, our products are designed to last. While wear and tear is to be expected, your recipient will have a gift that they can enjoy for years to come. 

Where does the engraving go?

We have several styles for our personalized cutting boards that you can use to design the perfect bespoke gift. Whether your loved ones prefer their message in the center of the board or in the corner, we make it easy to customize your gift. 

Are these cutting boards natural?

Yes! Our maple and walnut cutting boards are made of real, natural wood to give those closest to you the best possible experience. You can find these natural boards in multiple sizes as well, and they offer ample thickness to ensure that they’re functional should your recipient decide to use them in their kitchen.

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