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Celebrate the Earth this Earth Day with these Eco-Friendly Gifts

Finding the right gifts for certain holidays or celebratory days often means finding gifts that match the theme and spirit of the day. Take, for example, Earth Day. Shopping for Earth Day gifts means finding eco-friendly gifts that can be appreciated by those around you without having a negative impact on the environment. But with that said, what are some eco-friendly gift ideas for Earth Day that those around you might appreciate using? Let’s dive into some gift ideas for Earth Day that are earth-friendly and useful to have!

Gorgeous Wooden Gifts 

When you’re looking for eco-friendly gifts to give your friends, family members, or peers for Earth Day, it can be helpful to look for gifts that are made from sustainable materials. An excellent example of this is wood. Wood is a sustainable material and one that can make for a stellar range of gifts. Plus, these gifts are often sturdier than their plastic counterparts so your loved ones can enjoy them for a long time. But what are some wooden gifts worth giving?

One idea worth considering for those who are always looking to spruce up their home is a personalized cutting board. Regardless of whether your recipient is looking to use the cutting board for food prep or even hang it up as a decoration in the kitchen, a beautiful board will be loved for years to come. Looking for more eco-friendly Earth Day gift ideas involving wood? Consider personalized wood picture frames! Picture frames are eco-friendly gifts that will help those closest to you capture, preserve, and proudly display their favorite memories for years.

Vegan Leather Goods

Journal open with notes written and a fountain pen

An important part of Earth Day is sustainability, but it’s also about focusing on making sure that the other creatures who inhabit this planet are taken care of as well. Finding gifts that support the needs and well-being of animals can be another great way to observe Earth Day. Some eco-friendly gifts to consider for those around you include vegan leather goods.

Aptly named, vegan leather goods use a faux leather material in order to ensure that no animals are harmed in the making of the products. This is especially appropriate for a day like Earth Day. If you’re looking for something special to give someone, you can always look for gifts like vegan leather journals. Journals are a great gift for anyone at any point in their lives. Whether they’re someone who likes being organized, someone who is trying to hit a specific goal, or someone who simply likes to record major life events, these Earth Day gifts are an excellent choice. No matter what type of leather eco-friendly gifts those around you enjoy, you’re sure to find eco-friendly gift ideas that use vegan leather instead of real leather!

Reusable Gifts That Keep on Giving 

A woman drinks out of a reusable water bottle in the forest

Part of keeping Earth safe means making sure that we’re finding consumables that we can use time and time again rather than items that will only be used once and then occupy space in landfills. An excellent example of this is products made of plastic, like water bottles. Even though some places have the infrastructure to prioritize recycling, a ton of plastic can still end up littering the environment. This goes for other materials that may or may not be recyclable and are often used in our everyday lives. Fortunately, finding eco-friendly gifts that can remedy this issue is quite easy.

If you’re on the lookout for reusable Earth Day gifts, one idea to get started with is a stainless steel water bottle. Everybody needs to stay hydrated, but drinking water bottle after water bottle can quickly add up. Instead, you can gift them their own reusable engraved water bottle so that they can carry around water with them and easily refill without having to go through multiple bottles. They can also carry around other drinks like soda so that they stay cold no matter where they may go.

But what if those around you prefer to drink iced coffee or similar beverages? The best eco-friendly gifts that match this type of need are engraved tumblers. These stainless steel tumblers are great for iced teas, iced coffees, and other beverages that you wouldn’t usually put in a traditional water bottle. Plus, these tumblers are much easier to wash out, dry, and use over and over again for refills at your loved one’s favorite beverage places—simply put it in the dishwasher to conserve more water in the process. If you’re trying to help someone be more eco-friendly and you know that the planet is important to them, just think reusable!

Find and Personalize Eco-Friendly Gifts at mymento

mymento makes it easy to find unique personalized gifts for those closest to you by offering a wide range of engravable gifts in trendy colors and designs. Regardless of what the occasion may be or what you wish to say, we help you customize your gifts with a personalized message that’s sure to make an impact. If you’re shopping for eco-friendly gifts for Earth Day, you’ll be even more excited to learn that our gifts come in eco-friendly packaging so that you can go the extra mile and ensure your recipient is completely satisfied with their present.

The right gift can say everything that you want, especially when it’s personalized to fit your recipient’s needs. If you’re ready to bring your eco-friendly gift ideas to life, shop our collection of Earth Day gifts and engrave something special on them today. Have any questions? Don’t be afraid to reach out to us during the course of your journey!

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