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6 Unique Gifts for Your Bestie This Best Friends’ Day

When you graduated, she was right by your side, celebrating with you. And when you had your heart broken, she held you and told you, “He didn’t deserve you anyway.” Now, you want to show her in a tangible way how much her friendship means to you this year on June 8—National Best Friends Day. But how?

It may seem challenging to find a gift meaningful enough to give your BFF. Fortunately, a handful of personalized items can easily show your bestie how much she means to you.

If you’re looking for affectionate, creative, and unique gifts for friends, here’s a rundown on six Best Friends Daygifts to give your best friend.

1. Personalized Water Bottles


An engraved water bottle with your BFF’s name on it is a touching yet affordable and functional unique gift for your best friend that she is sure to love. Every time she reaches for her water bottle before a workout or a long day at work, she’ll think of you with a smile. It’s also a personal present she’s sure to use over and over again, making it one of the best gifts to give your best friend. On Best Friends Day, consider going on a walk together to reflect on your favorite memories, and make sure that she brings her personalized water bottle along for the ride. Get yourself a matching water bottle, too!

2. Customized Picture Frames


You’re obsessed with your BFF—and you’re proud of it. Why not show the world how invaluable your bestie is to you by presenting her with a photo frame with an important message on it like the date you met or a secret saying you two have. You can even get the same frame for your own home! Then, feel free to add a picture of the two of you from one of your favorite adventures to both frames.

Personalized wood picture frames are unique gifts for friends that your BFF will no doubt cherish forever. Given its sentimental value, it’s an especially wonderful gift to give a bestie who is about to go away for work or school. Likewise, consider surprising your best friend with this present if you can’t see one another very often.

3. Personalized Passport Cover


If you’re looking for more unique gifts for friends, consider giving your bestie a personalized passport holder this upcoming National Best Friends Day. This cute, special gift can easily be customized by adding your bestie’s name to it. She’ll have the perfect holder for seamlessly carrying around her passport.

A high-quality passport cover comes with sleeves for business cards and credit cards, meaning these unique gifts for friends also come with built-in pockets for carrying around checks and cash. You can choose a passport cover color that speaks your friend’s “vibe” language as well.

Then, consider planning a Best Friends Day trip to Mexico or the Caribbean this year, and remind her to bring her personalized passport cover with her. And yes, you can get one for yourself as well. #twinning

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4. Customized Wine Tumbler


Is strawberry white zinfandel or sparkling rosé your BFF’s drink of choice? Be sure to treat your wine-loving companion to a personalized skinny tumbler with her name engraved on it. You can order a matching one for yourself, too. Make sure that you both use it as you celebrate your friendship with more than one bottle of wine together on Best Friends Day.

Look specifically for a tumbler made from stainless steel, as it will stand the test of time. The best tumblers also feature powder-coated finishes and come in a wide variety of shades, like glitter lilac and glossy mint, to show off your bestie’s personality and add a splash of color to their day. These unique gifts for friends come with push-on lids and matching-color straws as well.

When you order a well-made tumbler, you can rest assured that the customized text you have engraved on it will be permanent. This makes it one of the top gifts to give your best friend. In addition, your friend will have no problem keeping her favorite vino cold for 24 hours thanks to the cup’s copper vacuum insulation.

5. Personalized Keychain Wallet


If your sensational sister is always on the go, let her know you’ll always be with her with a customized leatherette keychain wallet. This highly portable gift will make your friend feel highly valued each time she hits the road—or the sky if you’re headed to Mexico on Best Friends Day—as she’ll always see her name, her initials, or your personal message to her right on the wallet’s surface.

If you put the personalized engraving in champagne gold or silver, she’ll swear it’s better than seeing her name in lights. You’ll feel the same way when you get one for yourself, too. Make both your BFF and yourself feel like a million bucks with custom leather wallets on this National Best Friends Day.

6. Customized Journals


Finally, send a meaningful and sweet message to your “ride or die” by gifting her a customized journal. Engraved journals are unique gifts for friends that will help you to easily show the recipients that you’re thinking about them. Encourage her to jot down some of her favorite recent memories of the two of you in her new journal on Best Friends Day. Do the same with your own matching engraved journal. Then, make a plan to review these memories together five or 10 years from now on June 8.

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