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How to Plan the Perfect Bachelor Party

How to Plan the Perfect Bachelor Party

Your best friend has been by your side since the days of little league baseball, G.I. Joe toys, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle binge-watching sessions before binge-watching was ever a thing. Now, he’s getting hitched, and — you’re the man in charge of the only wedding-season moment when all eyes will be on the groom instead of the bride: the bachelor’s party.

Your friend’s bachelor party can be low-key and simple if that’s more his speed. For instance, you can plan a relaxing, low-profile bash at a cabin in nature. Or, if your friend loves the fast life, consider a bachelor party centered on skydiving and stingers (cocktails, that is).

No matter what bachelor party theme you’re envisioning, you need to have a plan — and you need to create one as soon as possible. Here’s a rundown on how to plan a bachelor party based on the top bachelor party tips in 2023.

Pre-Plan a Bachelor Party

As your friend’s best man, you should set aside at least two months to plan his bachelor’s party, if possible. During this period, you’ll need to compile a list of all prospective guests and secure everybody’s email address. Then, create an email group to communicate with everybody simultaneously.

As a general rule of thumb, the men who are part of the groom’s wedding party should most definitely be invited to the bachelor party. You should also invite any close friends of the groom who plan to attend the wedding. However, if the groom wants to invite someone who doesn’t fall under these categories, try to honor his wishes.

Set the Date

As you explore how to plan a bachelor party, note that one of the most important decisions you’ll make is the date of the party. This is especially true if you plan to travel out of town for the party, or if the shindig will last multiple days.

To pick a date that will yield a great turnout, identify some viable date alternatives that way you can check with your guests to see what dates may work best for them. Emphasize to all potential party attendees the importance of prioritizing their presence at the event. Once you receive feedback from the invitees on the most ideal dates for them, you can confidently choose a firm party date that will work for everyone or at least most parties.

Create a Budget

Another important step in planning a bachelor party is to create a budget, as this will set the tone for the rest of your planning process. Your budget should ideally include your anticipated travel and venue costs, as well as the costs of booze, food, and entertainment (more on this later). Feel free to pad your budget to provide enough cushion for unforeseeable entertainment opportunities or special needs that crop up ahead of the party.

Note that the groomsmen and best man typically cover the bachelor party costs. However, if travel is involved or if the event is slated to be expensive, everybody should be prepared to pay their own costs. They can also chip in to cover the groom’s costs.

Choose the Venue

Now that you’ve selected a bachelor party date and created a budget, you can start to plan a bachelor party location that your groom will like. Countless destinations are ripe for the picking, ranging from a nearby casino, a local pub, or even your own home’s basement.

Collaborate with your groom to determine his preferred party location. Then, send out party invitations right away so that invitees can plan ahead for the date.

People gathered at a pub restaurant

Plan the Food and Booze

When planning a bachelor party, remember that food is king. Because food and drinks are often the center of any fun gathering with family and friends, you’ll need to come up with a food and booze plan as soon as possible.

For instance, let’s say you plan to host the groom’s bachelor party at a gentlemen’s club that specializes in these types of parties. Many of these clubs include meals with their bachelor party VIP packages. Alternatively, consider making dinner reservations at an eatery that can hold large groups. Your party invitees may enjoy sipping blood orange margaritas at a well-rated Mexican restaurant, or they might prefer pizza, champagne, and cocktails at an Italian restaurant.

Set the Stage for Fun

If you’re wondering how to plan a killer bachelor party, keep your mind open when it comes to your entertainment options. From parasailing to chartering a jet for the bachelor party, the sky’s limit. You can even rent a limousine or party bus to take your celebration on the road. Other bachelor party entertainment options include sports games, rock concerts, casino nights, lake or ocean fishing, poker games, and IMAX movies. Consider your groom’s personality and groomsmen’s interests when settling on one core entertainment choice.

Arrange the Favors

Finally, as you plan a bachelor party, be sure to order mementos that can serve as favors for your party attendees. Ideally, these mementos should be personalized gifts, like flasks, leatherette wallets, or even pocket knives. These are a great way for your party goers to remember the event fondly for years to come.

Tie Up Loose Ends

One of the most important bachelor party tips is to email each of your guests a week before your party. This will allow you to confirm their attendance so that you know for sure how many people will be coming and how much food you’ll need to make available on party day. If you plan to travel, give each guest an itinerary and budget for the “big day” as well.

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