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Personalized Ring Boxes

Typically, rings (and boxes to keep them in) are associated with engagements and weddings. And while that’s the most popular reason people buy a personalized ring box from mymento, there are so many other great occasions that come with rings! Get an engraved ring box to hold your high school class ring or a piece of jewelry you’ve had in the family for generations. No matter the ring or reason, one of our wooden wedding ring boxes is a beautiful way to hold that piece that is so small, but so special. Make sure to take a look at our other personalized wooden gifts as well!

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Customized Engagement Ring Box

When you want to make a spectacular presentation during your engagement proposal, a customized engagement ring box is the perfect vessel! A diamond may be forever, but she’ll also cherish the extra thought you put into creating a laser engraved wooden ring box. Your ring box can be engraved with your soon-to-be family name, initials, and dates.


Make This Proposal or Wedding Extra Special With an Engraved Ring Box

Ready to pop the question, or looking for a highly unique way to help your ring bearer get your rings to you and your beloved? If so, a personalized engagement ring box serves as an excellent gift that not only helps you mark this special moment when you chose to get married but can help you commemorate your desired wedding date as well!

Personalized Ring Boxes to Make the Moment

Life’s most important moments shouldn’t be mass-produced. Even though mymento is capable of fulfilling bulk purchases, getting something engraved with a unique design adds a touch of the personal to make the intended recipient feel special and cared for when it matters most. Why a personalized wedding ring box? Details matter. They show you went the extra mile when striving to make your loved one happy. And when it comes to engraving and personalization on a custom wooden ring box, they turn it from just an ordinary item that holds the ring into a treasured keepsake all on its own. Take the extra step and get something personal like a personalized ring box they’ll look fondly on for years.

What Sets mymento Apart

There are plenty of websites where you can get custom gifts. So why get yours from mymento? We have:

  • Stylish products (like gorgeous wooden wedding ring boxes)
  • On-trend designs and colors
  • Unique designs you can’t find anywhere else
  • Personalization available on all of our products
  • Skilled, knowledgeable, and diverse staff
  • A focus on staying as eco-friendly as possible
  • Bulk purchases available

We are a small business of experts in and of our community who believe in taking your occasion and making it as special as you are!

FAQs About Ring Boxes

Why Purchase a Personalized Ring Box?

A ring box can be a wonderful way to add a touch of sentimentality to a proposal. By personalizing them, you can commemorate the proposal and show your significant other just how much you love them along the way. They’ll also keep your rings safe until it’s time for the big day!

Are There Multiple Fonts to Choose From?

There are! On our personalized wedding ring boxes, you can choose between Serif Font and Cursive Font. Every detail matters, and we want to make sure that we give you the options you need to get a fully personalized experience. This way, you can make the right impact.

Will a Ring Box Protect Your Rings?

A ring box is a safe place to store your rings so that you always know where they are and that they’re safe from potential damage. But what about the interior? Our personalized ring boxes come with reindeer moss so that your rings aren’t scratched or damaged while they’re stored away.

Do Engravings Rub Off?

Engraved gifts from mymento are designed to last. The engravings on our wooden wedding ring boxes are made deep in the surface of the wood rather than painted or written on so that you have a piece of personal history made to last.

What Should You Engrave on a Ring Box?

You can engrave anything you want on your ring box! If you’re popping the question, you may want to engrave the question, “will you marry me?” However, you can also engrave your first date, both of your names, or other meaningful messages on your personalized ring box.

What Types of Wood Are Good for Ring Boxes?

We offer multiple choices of ring box material to help you get the perfect look for the occasion. Whether your significant other is a fan of a lighter maple or a darker walnut, you’re sure to find something suited for your proposal.

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