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Top Tips for Planning a Memorable Honeymoon

He popped the question, you said yes, and now you can’t stop hearing wedding bells in your head. You can’t wait to change your title from “single” to “married.” But in all of your planning for the big day, don’t forget to plan for the other big moment signifying the start of your marriage: the honeymoon.

Getting married is an awesome reason to clock out and splurge on a long, memorable trip. However, you’ll need to work out the practical aspects ahead of time to make sure that you enjoy a truly magical experience with your new spouse. Otherwise, you may experience a variety of hiccups ranging from missed flights to lousy weather and humdrum meals.

Here’s a rundown on the top tips for planning a honeymoon that you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

Choosing the Perfect Time

An invaluable part of planning a honeymoon is to choose the ideal time to go on your trip. This is one of the most important honeymoon tips, as your dream destination may not be the best place to visit at the time of year you plan to cash in your PTO time.

For instance, many parts of the Caribbean are susceptible to hurricanes from September to October. Likewise, you may have a hard time enjoying some R&R with your love in places like Thailand during the last six months of the year. Thailand has annual monsoons, with two curtains of rain sweeping across the country during this time period. In light of this, it’s crucial that you learn about the low and high seasons of your desired honeymoon locales.

Today’s top honeymoon tips also include taking pricing into consideration. Prices increase during high-demand seasons, when the climate is most favorable. These are also busy periods, like school holidays. Meanwhile, during low-demand seasons, also known as “green seasons,” you can stretch your dollar more, and you may find it easier to access more desirable hotels. Just keep in mind that during these off-seasons, the weather may not be as ideal or predictable as it is during the busy seasons.

Planning a Honeymoon Ahead of Time

When planning a honeymoon, it’s critical that you give yourself plenty of time to plan. Here are a few key steps to take during the year leading up to your trip of a lifetime.

Early-Stage Planning

For starters, browse through travel websites, magazines, and guidebooks to get inspired about your honeymoon location a year ahead of your target travel date. Then, after three months at the latest, you should start budgeting for your trip. At this point, you’ll be planning for your wedding at the same time, so you should have a good idea about how much money you’ll be able to reserve for your travels.

Mid-Stage Planning

Half a year before the honeymoon, you should solidify your honeymoon travel dates. Then, two months later, you can start cementing your plans, which includes booking travel fares and accommodations. You should also start fleshing out your ideal itinerary at this time. The main goal of this phase is to focus on firming up your honeymoon vision from start to finish.

Also, let’s say you plan to request donations to your honeymoon fund rather than gifts to celebrate your marriage. One of the most important honeymoon tips is to start setting up a registry online a couple of months before the wedding. This will give your future wedding guests plenty of time to donate if they wish.

This is also an excellent time to invest in travel accessories to keep all your important documents safe and organized. A personalized passport holder is an especially fun way to safeguard this document while showcasing your personality as you hit the open skies.

Late-Stage Planning

Finally, about a month before the big day, you can start looking online for trending bars or upcoming events you may want to take advantage of during your trip. You could even learn from social media if some of your friends may be at your honeymoon destination at the same time you are, in which case you could make arrangements to meet up.

Planning a Honeymoon Trip Yourself

One of our top honeymoon tips includes doing your own planning versus hiring a travel agent. By planning your own rendezvous, you can enjoy a truly custom travel experience rather than something lackluster and cookie-cutter. The more planning you do yourself, the better you’ll understand your honeymoon destination, and the more you can choose experiences that resonate with you. These are the experiences you’ll be excited to capture with your camera and display in personalized wood picture frames for years to come.

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Planning a Honeymoon with Multiple Stops

As you plan your and your spouse’s first vacation as a newly married couple, consider architecting a trip featuring multiple stops to maximize your moments together.

If you go this route when planning a honeymoon, your first stop should be relaxing. Then, you can engage in outdoor adventures or explore the urban scenery late at night during the middle of your trip. Finally, your last stop should allow you to slow down and ease back into your life at home. As you travel from place to place, you’ll want to use personalized bag tags to keep track of your belongings everywhere you go.

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