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Personalized Housewarming Gifts

Your friends have closed on their new home and now you need a way to help them commemorate this milestone. With our personalized housewarming gifts, you can easily show your friends in a tangible, memorable, and long-lasting way how excited you are for their move. At mymento, we’re proud to offer multiple housewarming gift options for celebrating a new home. We’ll gladly engrave the new homeowners’ names on the gift of your choice. It’s the perfect way to make them feel at home from the start.

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Give the Gift of Precious Memories With This Gorgeous Red Alder Engraved Frame

Capture your most precious memories and say all the words you want to say with this stunning red alder wooden engraved frame. Featuring three different sizes, two different orientations, and two font choices for your engraved frame, this is the perfect gift to mark any special occasion in your life or those closest to you!


You'll love our custom wood frames. Each of our personalized photo frames is custom laser engraved to your specifications.

- Engraved frames in three different sizes: 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 inches.
- Real Walnut wood engraving: The text is engraved into the wood!
- Choose Cursive or Serif fonts to personalize your picture frames
- These make excellent wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, graduation frames or baby frames!

The actual outside dimensions of each frame size are as follows:
The 4x6" measures approximately 6.5" by 8.5"
The 5x7" measures approximately 7.5" by 9.5"
The 8x10" measures approximately 11.5" by 13.5"


A Gift for Any Occasion

A custom wood picture frame makes a wonderful gift for any special occasion. Personalize your picture frame with names and dates for weddings and baby showers! Engrave it with a sweet sentiment for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Or, frame a family photo and label it with the family values that matter most to you.


Personalized Family Picture Frame

An expertly crafted wooden picture frame that’s customized for your family makes a wonderful gift for everything from Mother’s Day to weddings, baby showers, and even holidays. Showcase your own beloved family or cherish friendships with those who are closest to you. A personalized wooden frame makes a stylish addition to any home decor scheme.


Give the Gift of a Personal Photo Frame Engraving on This Gorgeous Red Alder 5x7 Picture Frame

There are so many special moments that we encounter throughout our lifetime. Receiving snapshots of these moments in personalized wood picture frames can add a personal touch to any major movement, no matter whether it’s a wedding, graduation, or even family gathering. Help the cherished moments in life stand out with this Red Alder 5x7 Picture Frame!

Personalized Housewarming Gifts

Looking for personalized housewarming gifts that you know will always have a place in their home? Look no further than our personalized wood picture frames. These are made with beautiful walnut or red alder. Include a picture of one of the iconic memories you and the recipient share, to no doubt make this a housewarming gift they’ll never forget. We also offer beautiful personalized cutting boards that can be individualized. The wood is solid and stands out for its functionality and workmanship.

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At mymento, we proudly offer high-quality products that make splendid sentimental gifts. These gifts, including our personalized new home gifts and even engraved wedding gifts, are great for commemorating special events or relationships. They are also wonderful options for personalized holiday gifts or as a thoughtful token of appreciation any time of year!

Buy our housewarming gifts today to help your friends settle into their new home in style!

FAQs About Housewarming Gifts

Why buy mymento’s flasks as housewarming gifts?

Our personalized flasks come in a variety of colors to suit your gift recipient’s taste and style, including brown, pink, and even black with gold for a bold contemporary vibe. After all, the perfect gift is a personal thing.

What can be engraved on a housewarming gift?

Feel free to add the new homeowner’s first and/or last name on the gift you have chosen for them. For a couple, you can include their shared last name and even the year when they moved into their new home sweet home!

Why are valet trays great personalized new home gifts?

The new homeowners in your life will be glad to keep their personalized valet tray by their kitchen sink so that they have a safe place to store their rings while washing dishes. Alternatively, they can put it on a makeup table so that they can keep their rings clean when getting ready for school or work. These types of trays are also excellent for storing keys, earrings, coins, candy, and other miscellaneous items around the house.

What are the best personalized housewarming gifts for wine lovers?

Give our personalized skinny tumblers a try if you’re looking for housewarming gifts for your favorite winos. Our skinny tumblers at mymento will easily keep your wine-loving friends’ vino cold for 24 hours, and the personalized engravings on our tumblers are designed to last. Each time they enjoy a sip (or a few sips!) of wine from their skinny tumbler in their new home, they’ll think fondly of you.

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