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Tips for Finding the Best Employee Appreciation Gifts

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Your organization couldn’t exist without them. Fortunately, the holidays are the perfect time to show your staff how valuable they are to you by treating them to employee appreciation gifts.

Not all employee gifts are equal, however.

Picking the perfect employee gifts is a science, as it requires you to consider what items make the most sense for your team members based on their personalities, interests, and needs. Unique gifts for employees can improve your staff’s productivity and, in turn, your bottom line. At the same time, finding the best wholesale employee appreciation gifts is an art, as it gives you the opportunity to display both attention and care to your workers.

Here’s a rundown on the top employee gift ideas that will make you the talk of the office for all the right reasons this season.

Gifts That Fit the Season

Collection of stainless steel tumblers

When looking for the best wholesale employee appreciation gifts, choose ones that are perfect for the season you’re in.

For instance, let’s say you’ve decided to applaud your employees for a job well done at the end of the calendar year. Reward them with personalized tumblers that can keep their favorite hot beverages warm, from coffee to hot chocolate, on those cold fall/winter mornings.

Or maybe you’d prefer to show your staff your appreciation at your company’s annual barbecue. Make it clear how much you appreciate them with custom can coolers, which will keep their soda, hard seltzers, and beer cold even on the hottest of summer days. As an alternative, treat your workers to water bottles that will allow them to stay hydrated in style on their next beach day.

Gifts Fit for Foodies

Do you have cooking enthusiasts and foodies on your staff? Or do you operate in the restaurant industry? The best employee gift ideas include employee appreciation gifts that will help your staff members boost their culinary skills. Then, take things a step farther by personalizing these gifts. Your employees will no doubt think of you with a smile every time they use them.

For example, make grilling more enjoyable for your workers with a bulk order of personalized grill spatulas. Or, present to your staff custom cutting boards with their names on them. These boards stand out for their beautiful wooden grains, smooth surfaces, and durability. Even employees who don’t particularly like cooking will enjoy using these beauties.

Gifts That Will Boost Your Staff’s Quality of Life

Woman writing in a journal that was an employee appreciation gift

The best wholesale employee appreciation gifts also include those that will improve your employees’ emotional and mental well-being.

For example, consider giving each worker their own personalized journal, which will allow them to reflect on their life’s precious moments. Journals are one of the best employee gift ideas simply because they can help workers get their concerns, fears, and problems out onto paper. Journaling will also provide your employees with the opportunity to identify negative behaviors/thoughts and engage in positive, healthy self-talk, which may ultimately improve their outlooks and job performance.

For those days when your employees need a little extra help with relieving stress, surprise your workers with custom flasks for sipping their favorite libations. Whether your employees prefer rum, vodka, or any other liquor, they can always carry their stress relief in a bottle anywhere they go.

Gifts Made for Traveling Workers

Are your workers constantly on the go to sales appointments or worksites? Stick to wholesale employee appreciation gifts that will keep your loyal globe trotters, frequent fliers, and road trippers feeling cared for every time they hit the road or the skies.

As an example, make it simple for them to spot their luggage by gifting them with personalized luggage tags. In addition, join them on their adventures in spirit by giving them custom passport covers. These covers are a wonderful way for them to protect their passports while showing off their stylish sides.

Gifts That Will Keep on Giving… to Your Bottom Line

Finally, if you’re on the search for grade-A employee gift ideas, consider giving your workers employee appreciation gifts that will help them to perform their jobs better. A bulk order of these types of gifts will enhance your company’s workplace satisfaction, employee retention, and profits long term.

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