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Unspoken Gift Etiquette to Remember This Holiday Season

Holidays are a time for expressing appreciation for others and strengthening connections, not least because it’s one of the few times we see some of the people we do. And exchanging gifts is a big part of this. There’s a joy in receiving and opening a present that doesn’t get old. It’s a special moment and you don’t want to mess it up for someone else. Who needs those awkward moments during the holidays? This is why there are unspoken rules, an etiquette for holiday gift giving and receiving that’ll help you avoid embarrassing encounters. Read More

Why the Small and Meaningful Gestures Feel Like Something Big

Relationships form the bedrock of our lives as human beings. We don’t exist in a void. We live with our friends, family, partners, colleagues, and so on. These bonds sustain us through the ebbs and flows. Anyone who’s ever made a fresh start in life can relate to this particularly well. Think of the relationships you first formed that helped you to put down roots and thrive. And, much like trees that thrive best when they symbiotically support each other in a forest, human communities too need meaningful gestures of support to create something robust. Read More
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