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Why the Small Gestures Feel Like Something Big

Why the Small Gestures Feel Like Something Big

Whether it’s grand acts of love, parties, or other major events that we use to recognize and appreciate others, there’s no denying that these types of gestures have a special place in our society and in the hearts of those who receive them. However, it’s not always the big things that matter. Smaller gestures can feel just as grand and be as well-received as some of the bigger surprises. Let’s take a closure look at why the small gestures feel like something big and how you can surprise someone with a small gesture like personalized gift ideas!


Why Do the Small Gestures Often Feel So Important

Think back to a time when someone you love did something small for you. What did it feel like? There are a number of reasons why the smallest gestures have as much of an impact as the grander gestures do. Some of the reasons why small gestures feel like something big include:

  • It reminds us that we’re being thought of: No matter what type of gift we receive, material or immaterial (time, conversation, etc.), receiving a small gesture of appreciation reminds us that others think about us regularly. When we receive something small from a family member, friend, or partner out of the blue, it makes us feel important and reminds us that we mean something to someone else.
  • It shows us that people care: In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can often lose ourselves and forget to pay attention to those around us. Through small gestures, we strengthen existing relationships by showing people that we still do care! These small reminders from time to time mean the world to those who receive them, and the reality is that a thing here or there can have such a powerful impact.
  • It demonstrates that people are paying attention: In relationships, we often talk about the things that interest us most. When we receive a gift that’s exactly like the interests we were talking about, it demonstrates to us that people are actively paying attention to what we say and what we express a liking for. In this way, small gestures can make us feel heard and seen.
  • It gives us something to hold onto: We can’t be with everyone all the time, but we can have items of sentimental value that remind us of the person we’re missing. Smaller gestures in the form of personalized gift items give us something that we can keep around and cherish for years to come. This way, we always have something to remember someone by.

True, things like major gifts or surprise parties are important and effective at showing someone that we care about them. But when it comes to small gestures, these thoughtful ways of showing that we love and appreciate someone are just as important to the person on the receiving end.


How to Make a Small Gesture That Has a Big Impact

Whether you’re getting someone an engraved journal or a personalized picture frame, there are plenty of ways to go above and beyond and offer them something that they’re sure to love. Let’s take a look at a few ideas to help you get started!

  • Engrave an important date or name in your gift: Like these small gestures, dates and names have a lot of meaning to us. Maybe you’re giving your friend a gift to commemorate the first time that you spent time together. Perhaps you’re reaching out to a family member and you want to give them something that’s uniquely them. No matter what the reason, these are some common ways of personalizing a gift for a greater impact.
  • Add coordinates to your gift: Do you remember where you and a friend or partner met? If so, adding coordinates to your gift can be a small gesture that really shows how much you care about your relationship with that person and add an additional layer of sentimentality to your present!
  • Use a saying or a phrase that you and your recipient understand: In any relationship, there are always secret phrases or sayings that we share solely with one other person. Add these phrases or sayings to your gift to remind them of your relationship and give them something they can cherish.


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