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A student receives a first day of school gift

Creative First Day of School Gifts for Students

Many back-to-school activities are exciting, including shopping for first day of school gifts for students entering a new grade. As a parent, you can choose something important to commemorate the occasion. At mymento, we’re all about taking a moment to make a memory. With that in mind, let us inspire you on your search to find first-day-of-school gifts for kindergarten students, elementary school students, and middle and high school students beginning to embark on their young adulthood.

A Personalized Picture Frame

A personalized picture frame from mymento

The first day of school is an enormous occasion. Your child’s first day of kindergarten is something to be remembered, as is their first day of elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find a present that commemorates the occasion perfectly. A picture frame is an excellent first day of school gift for students no matter what their age. In time, it can hold a picture from the morning of their first day. Have it personalized with your child’s name, grade, and the academic year. You can also personalize it will well wishes and other meaningful messages.

The Perfect Pen

Every student needs a trustworthy pen. Get a little fancy with it. Consider a sleek ballpoint pen inscribed with your kid’s name and the school year. Want to go even further than that? It doesn’t get much fancier than a fountain pen. As a bonus, the gift can include a jar of ink and a pen stand. Black ink is always a good pick, but blue is colorful and friendly.

Younger children may want a gift that’s a bit more fun. After all, for preschoolers and kindergarteners, a plain old pen isn’t the most exciting present. In that case, a suitable first day of school gift for kindergarten or young elementary students could be a pack of vibrant markers or a selection of multicolor pens.

Something for Their Desk

Want to snag an unforgettable first day of school gift for your student? A customized nameplate is fun, funny, and creative. Usually reserved for bosses and teachers, a nameplate is something cheeky that your student can place on their desk at home. It can make them feel important, which can have an impressionable impact on third and fourth graders who are just starting to do “big kid” work at school.

A Present Related to Their Favorite Subject

If you’re looking for a gift for a student who enjoys a specific subject, then it’s always a smart bet to settle on a present that has something to do with that subject. You almost can’t go wrong. For example, the perfect first day of school gift for students who love English and literature could be a new book, a biography of a famous author, or a fun pair of bookends. A math whiz, on the other hand, might love a creative gift like an old-fashioned abacus or a poster with a mathematical pun.

A Personal but Practical Gift

Personalized tumblers from mymento

It’s not hard to discover a gift that’s simultaneously practical and personal. Practical gifts can absolutely be memorable. Whether you’re shopping for a first day of school gift for a kindergarten student, a middle schooler, or a student entering college, for instance, think about a water tumbler emblazoned with their name. Not only is it well-meaning, but it will also help your smart student to remain hydrated while they spend their days learning new things.

A Place to Write Down Their Thoughts

Engraved journals from mymento

As long as your student knows how to write, then an ideal first day of school gift for students is a journal. Even younger children can jot down their emotions or draw pictures to vent. As children get older, they long for independence and privacy. Often, a diary or a journal is their first taste of having a completely private space where they can write about whatever they want. Encouraging your child to keep a journal can also inspire their creativity and imagination, and help them to recognize and work through their emotions, both of which are priceless.

It's important for students to feel confident in themselves no matter what grade they’re in at school. In picking out first day of school gifts for students, always look for something personalized. Let mymento help you turn a moment into a momentous occasion.

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