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Fall and Winter Wedding Trends for 2022

Fall and Winter Wedding Trends for 2022

There’s a lot of love, support, and dedication that goes into planning a wedding when you enlist the help of those closest to you. Finding the right way to say thank you often means looking for bespoke gifts that your bridal party and groomsmen will cherish and appreciate. That being said, making sure that your gifts align with the anticipated color scheme of the wedding is one of the most important aspects of gift shopping. Are you still stuck on the colors of your wedding? If so, let’s take a look at some wedding trends for 2022 that will help you discover some fall wedding colors and winter wedding ideas for 2022 you can use to bring your wedding vision to life and secure the right gifts for your wedding party!


Fall Wedding 2022 Colors: Get Inspired By These Ideas

Colorful fall leaves on a tree

Fall is a transitional season and one that is most often associated with abundance, prosperity, comfort, and change. Because fall is so heavily associated with certain colors, it can be easy to find the right fall wedding inspiration. A few colors that are perfect for a wedding hosted this season include:

For fall wedding colors for 2022, focus on curating color combinations that seamlessly blend darker tones and lighter tones together. For example, combining a dark red with a light white or silver and a peach color can provide you with a gorgeous wedding with more muted colors that are really representative of autumn. That being said, don’t be afraid to get creative! If you feel more pulled towards certain colors more than others, there are sure to be color combinations out there that will help you achieve your vision.


Winter Wedding Ideas for 2022: Create a Winter Wonderland With These Colors

Tire tracks winding through a snowy forest

Whereas fall is a time of abundance and prosperity, winter is really a season of reflection, rebirth, and family. After all, winter is really the season where we cherish each other and get together to celebrate our lives. This makes winter an excellent season in which to have a wedding as well. Of course, finding the right color combinations for winter can be a bit trickier than finding the right fall wedding colors for 2022. Let’s take a look at a few color ideas to help you get started.

  • Glitter Iceberg
  • Matte Blush
  • Light Brown or Cream
  • White
  • Rose
  • Gray
  • Sage Green

  • Oftentimes, the tones used for winter weddings are a bit more muted and less vibrant than those you might find throughout the rest of the year. However, this can make it easy to create the right color combination as muted reds or greens pair well with more neutral colors like brown, white, and gray. Use some of the colors above for inspiration when you’re looking at various color schemes for year-end weddings in 2022.


    How Do You Find the Right Gifts for Your Wedding Party?

    Having the colors for your wedding, regardless of whether you’re looking for fall wedding colors for 2022 or winter wedding colors, can help you figure out the color of your gift. But exactly which types of gifts are appropriate for your wedding party? Personalized gifts can be the best option as these allow you to leave a personal message for those who helped you plan your wedding. Some great ideas to consider include gifts like USB drives where you can store all of your favorite memories from the wedding, gifts that can be used during the wedding or afterward like stainless tumblers or flasks, or even gifts that are specific to a special surprise, like luggage tags or passport covers if you’re all going on a trip together.

    No matter what your wedding party loves, there are sure to be gifts that are perfectly suited for everyone.


    Find Bespoke Gifts Here for Your Wedding at mymento

    Here at mymento, we make it easy for you to find the perfect gifts and personalize them with a special message to add a sentimental touch to whatever high-quality gift you’re giving to those closest to you. Our vast selection of in-style products featuring trendy colors and designs means that you can easily find something for everyone. No matter what fall wedding colors for 2022 or winter wedding ideas for 2022 you may settle on, shop now to discover a range of perfect items that everyone in your wedding party will adore. Contact us if you have any questions about our products or about personalizing your favorite gifts!
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