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8 Ways to Thank Your Bridesmaids

8 Ways to Thank Your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are an important part of your wedding festivities even before the big day arrives. They are the ones who help throw your bachelorette party, assist with your bridal shower, and help you look fabulous on your wedding day as they join you in walking down the aisle. We’ve put together a list of eight ways you can thank your bridesmaids with gifts and meaningful gestures as your special day approaches.

Stainless Steel Tumblers

Three thank your bridesmaids gifts in the form of stainless steel tumblers

Most weddings provide some sort of adult alcoholic beverages for guests, and these stainless steel tumblers are just what your bridesmaids need to hold their cocktails! They can sip on a rosé or mimosa in style with a tumbler that’s personalized with their name. It’s an accessory that will help them stand out from regular guests at your wedding. They’ll also get plenty of use out of a drink tumbler for years to come, and they’ll always think about the fun they had at your wedding when they drink from it.

Personalized Water Bottles

A thank your bridesmaids gift in the form of a stainless steel water bottle

A stainless steel water bottle also works as a cute thank you for your bridesmaids. These are more leak resistant with a flip up straw to drink from. Insulated side walls keep your water cold, or hot if it's a chilly day that calls for coffee or tea. mymento water bottles also have a convenient loop on the top that makes them easy to carry. Your bridesmaids might prefer this more versatile style for their wedding cocktails!

A Handwritten Note

While personalized gifts to thank your bridesmaids are always a good choice, you can make them even more meaningful by adding a handwritten thank you note. There’s something special about a note written out on beautiful stationery that just can’t compare to words being said or a text message sent. Mention all the things you appreciate that they’ve done for you, both recently for the wedding and a few special moments from the past you’ll never forget. You can give them the note separately or put it inside their bridesmaid thank you gift basket.

Bridesmaid Clutch Bag

A thank your bridesmaids gift in the form of a personalized clutch bag

A bridesmaid dress typically doesn’t come with pockets, so a cute clutch bag is just the accessory they need to hold essential items like their cell phone. Nobody wants to miss out on snapping selfies with the bride-to-be and friends at an occasion like a wedding! mymento clutch bags are a perfectly functional and trendy way to thank your bridesmaids for joining your wedding party.

Custom Flasks

A thank your bridesmaids gift in the form of a personalized flask

While flasks are often thought of as great groomsmen gifts, you can also find custom flasks in femanine versions that bridesmaids will love! You know your bridesmaids best, and if they were down to have a blast on your bachelorette party night, a flask might be just the right gift for them. At mymento, you can get your flasks engraved with names and titles like ‘Maid of Honor’ and ‘Bridesmaid’.

A Special Toast or Dedicated Dance

There will be plenty of toasts and dances dedicated to the bride and groom, but a shout out to your bridal party can make them feel like a very special part of your big day. It will help to write out your bridesmaids thank you speech ahead of time for helping make your wedding possible. When it comes to a dance, you can have the DJ introduce the bridal party and announce their special dedication.

Give Them a Safe Ride Home

Your wedding and reception will last for at least a few hours, if not far into the night. There will be people celebrating the happy couple with raised glasses and plenty of tipsy folks as the night draws to an end. Planning a safe ride home is a great way to thank your bridesmaids and make their time at your wedding more carefree. This may simply involve hailing an Uber driver when the time comes, or lining up a limo to take the whole party to their respective homes.

USB Drives With Wedding Photos

A thank your bridesmaids gift in the form of a personalized USB drive


A personalized USB drive that contains your wedding photos is a wonderful way to thank your bridesmaids again after the wedding is long over. They’ll love the extra thought of a classy wooden flash drive with their name on it, as well as the beautiful high-resolution copies of the wedding photos.

Personalization of bridesmaids thank you gifts creates momentos they can cherish that will remind them of a special day you invited them to share. Go above and beyond the typical gift off the shelf and give them something truly memorable. Shop mymento for premium laser engraved gifts for your whole bridal party.
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