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Why Are Gifts for Homeowners Always Practical?

When people make the leap to becoming homeowners, it’s often a big shift from a small apartment, rented room, or perhaps leaving the comfort of the home they grew up in. They likely don’t even have enough stuff to furnish their new home. On top of that, the down payment on a house and fees for renting moving equipment can really make the budget tight. The best gifts for homeowners are usually things that will be useful or make the house feel like a real home to them. It could be something as small as a framed picture for their wall or as large as a new grill to host future BBQs with.

Here are some ideas of custom housewarming gifts that will be practical and appreciated for years to come!

Personalized Cutting Boards

A wood cutting board with a name and date engraved on it

Beautiful chopping blocks made from solid wood make wonderful gifts for homeowners. It’s a functional item that can be used every day for chopping up vegetables and other foods for meals. Quality cutting boards are also a rustic way to display meats, cheeses, fruits, and crackers when hosting a get-together. And, when you add extra personalization like the family name, it becomes a decor piece that looks fabulous when displayed on a wall or shelf.

A Spatula for the Grill Master

Three steel and bamboo spatulas with engravings

While you may not have the funds to spring for a fancy new grill, a high-quality spatula made from durable stainless steel and natural bamboo is something that any grill master will appreciate. When they’re manning the grill, they can make use of the bottle popper built into the handle to keep the cold ones coming (or quickly open the sauces)! mymento’s spatulas make premium gifts for homeowners and can be customized to your liking. Add the chef’s name or choose to engrave a special phrase that fits the occasion.

Can Coolers

Three steel insulated can coolers

New homeowners may feel like they’re living the dream every time they step foot in their home, but they’ll likely still want to get away at some point to enjoy some downtime away from the day-to-day. Make their next trip to the beach complete with custom can coolers that will keep their sodas, beers, and hard seltzers icy cold on the sunniest of days. These custom housewarming gifts will also come in handy if your friends plan to throw a summer party or barbecue in their backyard, which they’re likely already planning behind the scenes!

Picture Frames

An engraved picture frame with a family photo

Framed pictures may not be used daily in the same way that a cutting board is, but they’re nonetheless functional items that every wall looks great with. When a couple buys a home together, it’s often a step taken after marriage with the intent to start a family. Nothing will warm their hearts more than a custom picture frame that will help them start making family memories together. You could frame a photo from their wedding and label it with the date, or simply give them an empty frame engraved with a loving and sentimental saying. Either way, personalized picture frames are always winning gifts for homeowners.

Valet Trays

A valet tray holding coins, cash, and a car key remote

Valet trays are simple little gifts for homeowners that literally everyone can use. These trays are the perfect storage dish you can keep on your coffee table for keys and coins, a deposit for rings and bracelets when you need to wash dishes, a spot to hold candy and mints, or just a catch-all for anything that is small and loose. mymento valet trays are made from leatherette and come in a range of different colors that can match any home decor. Customize these housewarming gifts with graphics, phrases, dates, names, and more!

Drink Tumblers

Three drink tumblers on a table, each with names and straws

If your friends are always on-the-go, consider a gift they can use at home and anywhere they travel. Stainless steel drink tumblers are a premium gift that can be dropped, banged around, and taken almost anywhere. They can use it at the gym, the park, when shopping, at kid’s activities, and so much more. When you get it customized with their name, you can be sure no one is going to accidentally take a sip!

Personalized, Unique, and Thoughtful

Why personalized gifts for homeowners, you ask? When you get something engraved, it shows you put extra thought and effort into a gift for a special occasion. When you give someone a personalized and functional gift, every time they use that item, they’ll be reminded of a fond memory and your kindness.

mymento offers a quick turnaround time so you’ll have your gift by the time the occasion arrives. Browse our best-selling products now for more quality gifts for homeowners!

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