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How to Identify the Message a Thoughtful Present Sends

Some occasions call for a gift that serves a specific purpose or makes the recipient feel a certain way. Others, however, call for a gift that commemorates a specific achievement in someone’s life and demonstrates your appreciation for them. For instance, anniversaries, graduations, and bridal showers are all milestones that you want to mark with the right gift. If you’re looking for something that sends the perfect message but you’re unsure how to find it or get that message across, here’s how to identify the message a thoughtful present sends. 

Ask Yourself, Is It Useful or Meaningful (or Both)?

An envelope with a bow next to a pencil and branch.Gifts will generally fall into one of two categories (if they don’t fall into both): useful or meaningful. For example, there are some gifts that have a specific use that your loved ones will need in their day-to-day life, like a new water bottle or a leather wallet. These are items that your recipient will carry around constantly and use regularly, for which the main message is that you actively listen to what they’re saying and have gotten them something that they need and want. Of course, you can always build upon this message later by adding some engravings that make your chosen gift more meaningful.

Meanwhile, some gifts are designed solely for sentimental reasons, like picture frames where you can store your most cherished memories. Additionally, a thoughtful present might be one that represents a special moment, funny joke, or shared dream between you and the person you’re giving the gift to. These types of messages are personal and your recipient will share that special moment with you for as long as they have that gift with them. These gifts can also be extremely impactful, especially if you’re giving a gift to someone for a special occasion like an anniversary.

When figuring out how to pick a meaningful gift, ask yourself, will they use this or understand the meaning behind why I’m giving this thoughtful present to them? If the answer is yes to either question, you likely have a gift that will send a message to them loud and clear! If the answer is unclear, you may want to think about a different present that is either useful, has a special meaning behind the present, or offers a nice blend of both to really help your recipient feel appreciated and understood. 

Make Your Message Known By Personalizing Your Gift

Let’s imagine that a friend or loved one has expressed their desire to reach a certain goal and has hit one of their most important milestones along the way. Taking the time out to pick a thoughtful present like a leather journal, writing up a list of all of their goals and crossing off the first step, and giving it to them adds a whole new meaning to the originally blank gift that you were giving them. This is one way to make your desired message clearer as they understand what the journal represents and the thought you put into it.

Another way to do this is to personalize your present. Choosing an engraved journal where you can insert an important date, an inspiring message, or something else of your choosing gives you the perfect bespoke gift option that offers the right message right on the face of your gift. All you have to do is figure out what you want that message to be so that you can display it on your thoughtful present. 

Get the Help You Need Finding and Personalizing a Thoughtful Gift With mymento

Photo of two journals with two pencils on top.Finding the perfect gift for any occasion can be hard if you’re unsure where to look. Here at mymento, we’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect personalized gift for any occasion. If you’ve been wondering how to pick a meaningful gift for your friends or family members, we offer a wide array of products ranging from wooden gifts, leather gifts, drinkware, and more to help you celebrate and commemorate every occasion while making valuable memories along the way. With in-style products offering trendy styles and designs as well as bulk purchases available for those who are getting multiple gifts for a wedding party or similar group, memories start here at mymento.

If you’re ready to find a thoughtful present that sends a clear message to the person on the receiving end, learn more about the types of products you can purchase from mymento and how we help you personalize your gift to give you the right customized product for the occasion.

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