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Thanksgiving decorations on a table

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

Giving gratitude for everything you have in your life and celebrating the holidays with close friends and family is the essence of Thanksgiving. One excellent way to show gratitude, especially if the matriarch of your family is bringing everyone together for the holidays, is to get them a gift. But what types of hostess gifts are appropriate? What are they sure to appreciate and cherish? If you’re looking for some gifts to give your mother, grandmother, or another woman in your life hosting a Thanksgiving feast that you want to thank them for, here are a few of our favorite Thanksgiving hostess gifts!

1. Custom Drink Coasters for the Home

There are so many personalized holiday gifts out there that it can be hard to find the perfect one. However, there are some obvious choices that are sure to be appreciated, especially during a holiday like Thanksgiving. One of the best hostess gifts for this season is custom drink coasters. Charming, rustic, and perfect to protect the table against beverages and other forms of moisture that might be present during a Thanksgiving feast. With a special message or date, this is something that your hostess is sure to appreciate!

2. Custom Cutting Boards for Seamless Food Prep

Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner is a lot of hard work. If you’re looking for some hostess gifts that you can give prior to Thanksgiving dinner (especially if you’re helping your hostess set up), one great idea is a personalized cutting board. Made from maple or walnut, these cutting boards are easy to handle, durable (so that you can cut to your heart’s content without worrying about your board getting too worn down), and come in multiple sizes. If you want meaningful and functional Thanksgiving hostess gifts, this is an excellent option. 

3. Picture Frames to Capture Your Favorite Memories With the Hostess

There’s a lot of reminiscing that goes on Thanksgiving as you reflect on past memories and celebrate new ones. Is your hostess someone who loves preserving these memories? If so, hostess gifts like engraved picture frames are especially appropriate for this holiday. No matter what size frame or type of wood you want (walnut or alder), you can easily add your favorite picture and a special message to your frame to give them something that they can proudly display in their home for this Thanksgiving (and for the many more Thanksgivings to come)!

4. A Personalized Spatula That Makes Grilling Thanksgiving Dinner Simple 

Thanksgiving often evokes images of baked casseroles, baked turkeys, and beyond. But not all hostesses like to prepare everything in the oven. Instead, they might decide to try something new and rotisserie their turkey and grill some of their side dishes. For the matriarch that loves to barbecue, hostess gifts like personalized grill spatulas can be a fun way to celebrate their passions and give them something that is uniquely them. These Thanksgiving hostess gifts are crafted from bamboo and stainless steel, so they’re designed to last as well. 

5. Drink Gifts for Their Favorite Thanksgiving and Day-to-Day Beverages

Are you looking for gifts that your hostess can use throughout their daily lives? If so, there are a couple of great hostess gifts in the form of drink-based gifts. If your hostess is something that’s always on the go and loves their coffee, tea, water, or other beverage, you can easily personalize a stainless steel tumbler so that they can keep their cold drinks cool and their hot drinks warm for longer. There are tons of different sizes to choose from and different colors as well. This makes it easy to find the perfect match for them. 

Of course, drink-based hostess gifts don’t stop there. If your hostess is someone who likes to drink canned beverages during Thanksgiving and beyond, you can always get them custom can coolers as well! Can coolers serve to keep beverages cooler after opening them, and they also make it so that your hostess doesn’t have problems holding onto their can because of condensation or cold temperatures. No matter what type of drinks they love, there are so many Thanksgiving hostess gifts out there that would be perfect for them. 

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