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Group opening gifts from coworkers

The Best Gifts for Coworkers: A Guide to Office Gifting Etiquette

With the world slowly coming back to the office, it might finally be time to start giving gifts at office parties and functions again. While office gift-giving isn’t necessarily mandatory, it can be a nice way for colleagues to come together in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

There have always been some unspoken rules surrounding giving gifts to coworkers and supervisors, but they’re not too difficult to remember or work with. Things might seem more intimidating if you’re new to the team or starting a new position. If you’re not sure about how to give the best gifts for your coworkers, read through this gift guide for coworkers that will make office gift-giving a cinch.

Be Thoughtful

Person holding a gift for their coworkers

The most important thing to remember when you want to give the best gifts for your coworkers is that they should be thoughtful. Above all else, you want to ensure that you’ve taken the time to think about what your colleagues might enjoy or make use of. Opt for personalized gifts for your coworkers, but try to avoid discomfort on the recipient’s part as much as possible. For example, you should avoid gifting wine or another type of alcohol to someone who avoids alcohol for religious or health reasons.

Respect Price Limits

Often, your office will set a price limit when it comes to holiday gift giving. Whether your team sets the limit at $25 or $50, you should respect the parameters that have been set and find an affordable personalized gift within that budget.

With this gift guide for coworkers you’ll learn that the best gifts don’t have to be expensive, and there are tons of options when you’re on a set budget. You can easily find socks, mugs, and other small items that should fit within any office’s price limit. This way, you won’t make anyone uncomfortable with an expensive gift and you’ll be respecting the spirit of your gift exchange.

Remember Your Whole Team

If you’re a manager or supervisor, it should go without saying that you should remember everyone on your team when finding gifts to give. If your team is relatively small, you can easily find unique gifts that cater to their individual tastes and personalities, but sometimes this isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Sometimes buying gifts for a large team is difficult, especially if you want to stick with a particular budget. That’s why our gift guide recommends buying bulk gifts for coworkers when you’re seeking the best gifts that all your coworkers will appreciate and use. We recommend that you find items everyone will be able to use and appreciate at work. You can’t go wrong by making the gift work-focused and practical, such as a desk name plaque or an engraved photo frame for their desk.

Participate in Group Gifts

Gifts stacked on top of each other

Group gifts are one of the best ways to buy the best gifts for your coworkers. Since group gifts often involve pooling resources with quite a few people, the budget is larger and you have more opportunity to purchase something thoughtful.

Ensure that everyone in the office is included in the pool for the group gift and that everyone puts in the same amount of money. Inclusion and fairness are the most important things to remember when group gifting, and you should be prepared if anyone turns down your invitation to participate in a group gift. You never know what someone is going through, and should always be respectful of your coworkers’ financial situations.

Reward Their Hard Work

If you’re a supervisor looking at this gift guide in search of the best gifts for your coworkers, make sure that you reward their hard work. Showing your appreciation through gift-giving can be as simple as finding their favorite wine or dessert and your colleagues will appreciate the thought behind it.

Thoughtful gifts also encourage your team to work harder, as your appreciation will show that their work has been noticed. This doesn’t mean the best gifts for your coworkers should be extravagant – just that you should keep your colleagues’ successes in mind when selecting the gift.

Office gifting can be tough, but just keeping these few things in mind can make the entire experience much smoother and easier for everyone involved. Make this holiday season joyful for the whole office by giving the best gifts for coworkers with mymento.

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