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Hottest Spring and Summer Wedding Colors for 2022

Shopping for personalized wedding gifts can be a great way to thank your gracious wedding party for sharing your big day with you. But while this is an excellent idea, knowing what your wedding is going to look like can be crucial to picking out gifts that match the overall theme. Some may already have these colors planned out. Others may be currently doing their research to find the hottest summer wedding colors and spring wedding colors for 2022. If you fall into the latter category, let’s take a look at some stunning color choices that are guaranteed to impress you and your attendees.

What Are Some Spring Wedding Colors That Are Popular This Year?

Blooms on a cherry blossom tree

While eye-popping colors may have been the top choices in the past, you’ll find that this year’s spring wedding colors are relatively tame. In a word, they can be best described as “pastel”. The good news? There’s no shortage of bespoke gifts that will align with these wedding color recommendations. Some of the hottest spring wedding colors for 2022 include:

Spring colors should be warm, inviting, and light, reflecting the season itself. With so many amazing colors and tones out there that offer just this, you’re sure to find some excellent colors that match your own personal taste as well as high-quality personalized gifts with these same colors to give to your wedding party.

What Are Some of the Hottest Summer Wedding Colors This Year?

Bride and groom releasing balloons outside

Now that we’ve covered the hottest spring wedding colors for 2022, those planning out summer weddings may be wondering which colors will be right for their event and how much these colors differ from spring selections. While pastel colors are still a great choice, you’re going to find much more of a variety for summer weddings. This often means brighter, more pronounced hues that draw the eye and make a statement. Some great colors for summer weddings include:

No matter what your favorite colors may be, there are so many great colors out there to choose from when you’re planning out your wedding design. In some cases, you may even want to combine certain colors or draw more attention to the hottest spring wedding colors for 2022 while throwing in some summer shades to get the best of both worlds. Whatever you decide to settle on, you’ll find ample wedding party gifts and decorations to bring your vision to life.

How Do I Choose the Right Gifts?

Choosing bespoke gifts for your wedding party can seem like a difficult task. But once you have the colors planned out, it’s really quite simple. Just make sure you think about these important ideas.

  • Consider what types of gifts each member of your wedding party would like to receive and how they relate to your personal relationships. You might want to focus on offering a mix of party favors that everyone in your wedding party will receive as well as unique gifts that individual members of your wedding party will find meaning in.
  • Make sure you know how you’re going to customize these gifts to say what you want to say. Whether it’s a small thank you, a personal design, or your wedding date, these simple gifts can make such an impact.
  • Don’t feel limited by finding gifts that match the hottest spring wedding colors for 2022. For example, items like a personalized acrylic bridal clutch are perfect for weddings, even if they might not fit into your overall theme.

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Here at mymento, we’re dedicated to helping our customers find the words they mean to say with attractive, high-quality gifts that their recipients are sure to love. Our extensive collection of stylish designs and products in trendy colors make it easy to get something that everyone will enjoy, especially when you’re shopping for gifts that match the hottest summer wedding colors and spring wedding colors for 2022.

Learn more about what mymento has to offer by exploring our collection of customizable products, and order now so that you can get your hands on all of the wedding party gifts you want to give out at your spring or summer wedding!

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