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7 Creative Ways to Use a Journal

7 Creative Ways to Use a Journal

When we think about a journal or a diary, one common use comes to mind — recording what has happened during your day. While this is a great use for a journal, and kids especially love to keep daily diaries, there are so many other creative ways to journal for both children and adults! Here are seven of our favorite creative journal ideas that will get your brain juices flowing and give your writing hand a workout.

Make a DIY Recipe Book

Creative journal ideas don’t just have to be about daily experiences! Using a journal as a functional DIY recipe book is a convenient way to organize all your favorite recipes in one spot. Make sure you can always find that winning cookie recipe that everyone loves, the appetizers that fly off the plate at parties, and the main dishes that earn “mmm’s” all around. For anyone who wants to start a new hobby like wine or beer making, a journal is essential to record your notes and recipe adjustments.

Record Your Dreams

Dreams can be so vivid when they’re happening, but a few hours after we wake up, the dreams are all but gone. Instead of letting happy and exciting dreams float away on the breeze, you can record them in a journal. Dreams can also give you a ton of creative journal ideas for writing short stories. Personalized dream diaries make unique gifts for kids to adults.

Practice Free Writing

One of the most popular creative journal ideas today is called free writing. In this journaling technique, you set a page length or amount of time to write. You can write about anything and everything, so long as you don’t pause. There’s no need to worry about sentence structure or punctuation because the goal is to let your ideas loose. Freewriting is a great way to get your mind warmed up for the day.

Reach Goals with Lists

If creative journal ideas that are writing-intensive aren't for you, then perhaps you should try list-making. You can make short or long lists about anything. List what you’re going to do for the day or the week. List items and steps you’ll need to complete a project. List things you need to shop for, things you want to accomplish, or simply things you are grateful for. List making is a great way to stay self-disciplined and on track.

A white marble journal with a compass and the words Joshua’s Journal

Create a Travel Log

As kids, our parents start our traveling journeys with local jaunts, vacations around the country, or even further. When we venture out on our own, we get to make the decisions about where we will travel to and what we’ll do when we get there. Whether you’re a homebody who travels only a couple of times a year, or an RV enthusiast who lives life constantly on the go, a travel journal is a great way to relive your trips. You can keep it simple by writing down your experiences at each new pace, or add pictures, tickets, dried leaves and flowers, and other scrap-book style tidbits. Start your travel log with an engraved journal featuring a compass or a world map!

Store Your Ideas

Everybody has a creative side! Recording creative ideas in a journal can help motivate you and give you something to do in your downtime. If you’re artistic, you can use a blank journal to doodle, write out song lyrics, or jot down ideas for crafts. If you’re a homeowner, a journal is perfect to store ideas for home improvements.

Look Professional and Organized

A portfolio-style journal is an excellent accessory to make any employee look professional and appear organized. In the workplace, a journal for creative ideas might just help you land a promotion or earn you a raise! A simple lined journal can be used to record daily tasks, write down notes from important meetings, and brainstorm ideas that could help your company become more successful. Whatever you decide to use a portfolio journal for at work, it will definitely make you look like a go-getter! Explore mymento for portfolios in leatherette that can be laser-engraved with your name and professional title.

A journal for creative ideas is a personal item and makes a wonderful gift when customized with a name or date of a special occasion. mymento offers a wide selection of journals and portfolios in classic to modern leatherette colors that can be personalized to your specifications. Surprise a child with their first diary, help a graduate look career-oriented, and discover more creative ways to journal for yourself!

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