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Gift Ideas for Forgetful Friends

Gift Ideas for Forgetful Friends

Some of us are born forgetful and others become forgetful over a lifetime. Either way, simple things like making lists and setting reminders on our phones can help keep us on track. If you know someone plagued with absentmindedness and occasional brain fog, we’ve got some gift ideas that they’ll appreciate. These personalized gifts for forgetful friends are useful and a lovely sentiment for a recipient you care about.

A custom picture frame with names and a wedding date


Personalized Picture Frame

Yes, you heard right! A personalized picture frame can help someone remember some of the most important moments in their life. A picture frame with a wedding date will always be hanging around to remind spouses about their wedding anniversary. A custom picture frame from mymento can even be made with the birth information of a new parent’s child, so they’ll always have a reminder of the baby’s birth day, time, weight, and height. And of course, the pictures you choose to frame will be captured memories that last forever.


Six leatherette journals in different styles and colors

Journals & Diaries

Journals and diaries can be one of the most functional gifts for forgetful friends. They come in convenient sizes that are perfect to travel with and store on someone’s person. A blank journal can be used to make to-do lists, record fleeting ideas, jot down reminders, or make plans for the upcoming week. A simple diary can turn into a book of memories that chronicles one’s daily life or even their dreams. And while any old notebook can be used for these purposes, high-quality, personalized leatherette journals and diaries from mymento make gorgeous gifts for those forgetful friends. Teachers, coworkers, graduates, creative souls, and even children love the gift of a journal they can find a special use for.


A red luggage tag with a name engraved on it

Luggage Tags

Custom luggage tags are must-have gifts for forgetful friends who travel! They are super functional items that will help return lost luggage to the owner. Adding personalization sets your gift on another level, and they’ll use it every time they take a weekend trip or travel across the globe. Custom luggage tags are excellent gifts for newlyweds preparing for a honeymoon, retired couples who are starting to travel, and anyone with a need to explore the world. A matching custom passport cover will create a gift set that’s truly appreciated.

Luggage tags are useful for travelers, but they can also be used everyday to help keep bags from getting lost. Your recipient could use it on their gym bag, diaper bag, golf bag, purse, backpack, and so much more!

Five leatherette valet trays in different styles and colors



Valet Trays

A valet tray is a handy little catch-all tray that can be used for any small items you want to throw in it. They are gifts for forgetful friends that will help them keep track of keys, rings, earrings, loose change, gaming dice, and any tiny bits and bobs that are easily misplaced. A leatherette valet tray from mymento can be personalized with names, initials, dates, phrases, and even select travel-themed graphics. You can order them in all sorts of colors to match your recipient's coffee table or home decor. Unique valet trays make great gifts for forgetful friends who are having a housewarming party, birthday, wedding, retirement, and other special occasions. With plenty of room for personalization, you can get creative with a special note that will make them laugh or smile!

Three can coolers in different colors with engraved names


Custom Can Coolers

Do you know that forgetful friend who always misplaces their beer, seltzer, or soda at parties? They may even mistake your beverage for their own and take a sip! Well, stop the confusion and wasted drinks by giving them a personalized can cooler with their name on it. They will never again mistake their drinks for another’s, and your gifts for forgetful friends will help you out in the long run. While you’re at it, go ahead and grab one for yourself with your own name on it to claim what’s yours from other party guests! mymento custom can coolers also have the added bonus of keeping your drink nice and frosty cold.

Sometimes forgetfulness can cause people to miss a special occasion that should’ve been celebrated or to miss a planned meetup with friends. We know you’ll forgive them, but maybe some of these gift ideas for forgetful friends will help prevent missed anythings before they even happen. Show you care with premium, personalized gifts from mymento. We’ve got unique and stylish designs they’ll just melt over!
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