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Personalized office gifts

Gift Ideas for Every Office Budget

Your employees are the life and soul of your business. Without their hard work and dedication, your organization might not be where it is today. As such, finding personalized office gifts to reward them for a job well done can be a great way to foster productivity, show them how much they matter to your company, and boost office morale. If, on the other hand, you’re an employee looking for office gift exchange ideas, finding the right gift for your coworkers can seem like a difficult feat. 

Let’s take a look at a few gift ideas for every office budget that employees and coworkers would love to receive. 

Keep Them Hydrated Throughout the Day With a Personalized Water Bottle

Two people working at a desk

Employee self-care and movement are being heavily emphasized in today’s workforce. However, there are certain aspects that may be easily overlooked, like adequate hydration. If you’re looking for personalized office gifts that are both fun and practical, consider personalized water bottles. Personalized water bottles are great gifts for the whole office because you can easily help your employees distinguish their bottle from someone else’s by customizing their bottle with a small phrase of gratitude, their name, their position, or even the date they joined. 

Bespoke gifts can be both sentimental and practical. 

Help Them Take Their Work Anywhere With a New USB Drive

True, most organizations use the cloud for storing essential files and ensuring that they always have access to what they need. However, some people may prefer to have their own flash drives when they’re working on presentations to guarantee that they have a backup of their files in a reliable place. If you have conscientious employees like this in your workplace, personalized USB drives are great personalized office gifts to give to your employees or excellent office gift exchange ideas to keep in mind for the next office party. 

These handsome wooden flash drives are designed to look great, be durable, and be personalized with the company logo or phrases to indicate what that specific flash drive is designed for. No matter what they need to take with them, a USB drive is a great gift for any office worker. 

Commemorate Achievements and Celebrate Them Like Family With Personalized Picture Frames

Whether an employee is leaving an organization for the next step in their career, hitting a milestone in their current role, or celebrating a birthday, one of the best personalized office gifts for them is a personalized picture frame. You can customize their picture frame with a motivating or personal message and add a special photo. If you want something sentimental that will last, a great picture accompanied by a high-quality customized picture frame is a stellar choice. 

Celebrate a Promotion With a Personalized Desk Name Plate

Desk setup with plant

Personalized office gifts don’t always have to be symbolic in order to be thoughtful and exciting for the recipient. In fact, whether you’re a boss giving an employee a gift or you’re an employee looking for office gift exchange ideas, an amazing way to celebrate employees going above and beyond is with a personalized desk name plate. When someone is promoted to a new position that they worked hard for, getting them their own personalized desk name plate to display proudly at the front of their desk is one simple way to celebrate their promotion and commemorate the moment. No matter where they go, they’ll always have it as a reminder of their hard work and achievement!

Find All the Bespoke Office Gifts You Could Need at mymento

Coming up with ideas for personalized office gifts is often the easiest aspect of the process. Finding a high-quality source of these items, on the other hand, can be difficult. Fortunately, the entire process from conception to sourcing is made simple with mymento. Here at mymento, you can commemorate any occasion and give your employees thoughtful, in-style gifts in trendy designs and colors with ease. No matter your budget, the event, or their favorite products, we have everything you need to make an impression and celebrate moments with those in your organization who you value dearly. 

If you love the ideas above, shop now to find all the personalized office gifts you want for your workforce. If you’re looking for something else, learn more by visiting our website or contacting us for help finding the right gifts for your employees!

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