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Easter Basket Filler Ideas to Hide With the Eggs

Easter Basket Filler Ideas to Hide With the Eggs

It’s that time of year again, when kids look forward to the sweet goodies the Easter bunny will bring them! As parents, we know the time when our kids believe in the Easter bunny is very short, so we’ve got to make the holiday special for them while we still can. Here are a few Easter basket filler ideas you can place in their basket or hide alongside the eggs in an egg hunt.

A purple personalized water bottle

Personalized Steel Water Bottles

Stainless steel water bottles are useful Easter basket filler ideas that can be used for many years throughout your child’s life. Stainless steel makes for a durable drinking device that won’t crack or smash into pieces when rough and tumble kids drop it. Adding their name to personalize it makes it all the more special and functional! Personalized water bottles are perfect for use at daycare and at school, so everyone knows it belongs to your little one. If you are planning an Easter egg hunt for a group of kids, it would be a fun idea to have each child hunt for the water bottle with their own name on it!

Three personalized skinny tumblers in pink and teal colors

Skinny Tumblers

Kids look to mom and dad, and try to mimic everything they do. So next time you’re sipping on a cold lemonade from a tumbler, wouldn’t it be cute if they had a little personalized tumbler of their very own? Skinny tumblers from mymento come in a bunch of cool colors like lilac, glitter pink, blush, mint, seascape, aqua, and others. You could even take small candies and fill the tumbler to the brim for some added surprise effect! Skinny tumblers are bright and colorful Easter basket filler ideas that kids of almost any age will love.

A set of six personalized journals in different colors

A Journal or Diary

Journals and diaries make great personalized Easter gifts for children. It’s a gift that could get them started on a life-long hobby of writing, or it could turn into a treasured keepsake that reminds them of their innocent childhood. For Christian families who want to instill faith into their children, blank journals can be used as a prayer book. Young children who can’t write very well can also use a diary to draw pictures of their daily experiences. Journals and diaries are Easter basket filler ideas that can be used in many different ways, depending on your child’s age and personal interests. Imagine their surprise when they spy a little book made with their very own name on it! Grab a pink or rose colored journal for your little girl, and a blue or teal journal for little boys! They also come in classic leather-style colors for ‘almost grown-up’ children.

A pink luggage tag with monogrammed initials

Custom Tag for Their Backpack

Custom name tags are Easter basket filler ideas that can label which candy basket is theirs, and later be used to help others identify their backpack, school gym bag, and lunchbox. Kids are so full of energy and excitement it can be easy for them to misplace bags and forget them altogether. A custom tag with their name and your contact information makes getting those lost items returned much easier. They can also use them to label their luggage while your family takes a vacation. mymento’s luggage tags come in a variety of colors your kids will adore, like pink, blue, teal, red, and more.

A wooden USB drive with engraved name and date

USB Drives for Pre-Teens

If you’re a parent that wants to hold onto childhood traditions until your kid is taking their first steps into independence, we totally understand! These precious years fly by so fast, and it’s OK to soak up every moment of it. So, for those of you giving Easter baskets to your pre-teens and encouraging them to do the Easter egg hunt with the younger crowd, we suggest a wooden USB drive. They’re personalized Easter gifts that will come in handy for school and for their own creative projects on the computer. These Easter basket filler ideas are the perfect size to fit into a small basket of goodies, or they could fit into an oversized plastic Easter egg for a cool surprise.

We hope these unique and personalized Easter basket filler gift ideas are just what you need to make this year’s holiday something extra special for your little ones!
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