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A person is carving a Thanksgiving turkey.

7 Unique Gift Ideas to Thank Your Host This Thanksgiving

It takes less than an hour to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner and consume the wonderful feast laid out before you. For the host or hostess, that meal has taken hours to prepare and even more time to plan. Even if everything hasn’t turned out just perfect, the thought and effort they put into dinner was immense. Finding a way to thank them beyond just saying “thank you” can mean the world to your loved one and secure your seat at the next get-together! Here are seven unique Thanksgiving gift ideas for your hostess and ways to show your appreciation. 

Small Gift Ideas

A physical and unique Thanksgiving gift is a wonderful way to show you appreciate all the money, time, and effort that goes into a big dinner. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, but something personal will go a long way to helping create a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Cutting Boards

Every chef loves a new, high-quality, wooden cutting board that can serve to help them create culinary masterpieces or function as a beautiful serving tray for parties. A personalized cutting board with the family name is a beautiful way for the host or hostess to display their love of family during the holidays. 

A glitter pink tumbler for Alexis


Some hosts love to add a signature drink to their dinner plans like spiked apple cider or mimosas. A personalized tumbler lets everyone know whose drink it is and it keeps the host’s drink cold or hot for long periods. Hosts can easily get distracted with all the prep needed for a big feast! Tumblers are also a functional and unique Thanksgiving gift that they can use every day at home or on the go.

Can Coolers

Your host or hostess may not prefer mixed cocktails or wine. If they’re a canned beer drinker or a soda buff, a personalized can cooler may be the way to go. Some people come up with creative ways to mark their cans like turning the pop-top sideways, but a can cooler with their name or initials lets everyone know that can is hands-off. Make it a double set for the hosting couple!


People enjoying a Thanksgiving feast and toasting glasses together.

When you visit someone’s house, you never know what furniture is going to show a water stain from a glass. Coasters are the perfect gift for a host to use every time they hold a gathering. Leather coasters personalized with the family name are unique Thanksgiving gift ideas for the hostess that she can use for years to come. 

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers for craft beers and sodas are another useful and unique Thanksgiving gift that hosts can use when throwing a big dinner. But just by itself, a bottle opener can be kind of plain. Adding personalization to a bottle opener makes it that much more special!


Most families are open to sharing a brew or a whiskey on the rocks at the holidays, but there’s always the chance that a prude relative will show up. Flasks are functional gifts for every liquor connoisseur, and it lets them have privacy when they need it. A customized flask just adds that extra touch of flair to make it meaningful.


If your host is a grill master, a set of grill tools or a personalized wooden spatula will make them feel like a professional. Make sure your grill toolset is high-quality because no cook likes grill tools that are too short or too flimsy.

Write a Thank You Note

A thank you note is always appreciated and the perfect accompaniment to your unique Thanksgiving gift. A simple, hand-written sentiment on a nice piece of note paper or a greeting card will touch hearts. You can always search online for the perfect thing to say if you need a little help. 

Invite Them to a Party of Your Own

When Thanksgiving is over, Christmas and New Year’s aren’t far away. If you plan to have your own get-together soon, be sure to invite them! And to make the host feel like her dishes were a real success, ask for her recipes. 

When you choose to give unique Thanksgiving gifts that are personalized, you’re elevating your gift to another level that says you took time and effort to show your appreciation. Be the favorite of the table when you present your Thanksgiving host or hostess with one of these gift ideas from mymento.

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