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6 Best Gifts for College Students

6 Best Gifts for College Students

Whether someone close to you is going to college for the first time or going back to continue their education, this major step forward in life should be celebrated! No doubt, you need to find the perfect gift to mark the occasion. But where should you start? If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are five of the best gifts for college students you should consider!

1. New Journal for Planning, Notes, and Beyond

One of the most versatile college student gifts to shop for is a new journal. Journals are excellent gift ideas because they’re useful, practical, and available in such a wide array of styles. A new journal is a perfect place to jot down important notes, get organized, write a to-do list, or keep a schedule. If your student-to-be is creative, they need a journal to jot those ideas down. Journals are one of the best gifts for college students because they keep minds sharp, and help creativity thrive!

2. Stainless Steel Water Bottle to Keep Cool and Hydrated

Self-care is so important, especially in college. And it can be difficult for students who are always busy and on the go. One of the best college student gifts to make self-care more convenient is a stainless steel water bottle. They can easily stay hydrated, and don’t have to worry about plastic waste from disposable bottles. Insulated drinkware is also great for morning coffee, tea, or an ice-cold soda.

3. USB Drive for Easy Project Storage

Gadgets are easily among the best gifts for college students. No student should leave home without a USB drive. While almost everything is stored in the cloud these days, they likely still need a flash drive to transport important files from one device to the next, whether they’re giving a presentation, or going back and forth to the library. (especially for some presentations). A reliable USB keeps all their most important documents and projects close at hand, even if they have to share computers with other students throughout the day.

4. Luggage Tags for Traveling with Peace of Mind

For college students, gifts that help them stay organized are a plus. If the student in your life travels often, luggage tags are a stylish, practical way to help them get home safely with a little less stress. If they’re made from high-quality material, bag tags remain secure on the luggage while in transit. And if you can make them unique, your loved one’s luggage won’t be as likely to get confused with someone else’s.

5. Picture Frames to Remind Them of Home

Moving to a new city or state is both exciting and nerve-wracking. When homesickness sets in, gift the college student you love personalized picture frames with some of their favorite moments and people. They can hang up in their dorm or apartment, so they’ll always have memories of home, while they make new friends and meet new people. The best gifts for college students aren’t always functional. Sometimes, they’re purely sentimental!

6. Gifts for the Hobbyist

College students are going to spend a lot of time in class, the library, and the dreaded campus bookstore. Why not give them a gift that encourages them to do what they love? Perhaps your college student loves to bake or cook? A sturdy cutting board is a great addition to their apartment kitchen. College students who love the outdoors may enjoy a pocketknife to take on their next hike or camping trip. And we all know a fashionista who can never have enough bags and clutches. Giving someone a gift that encourages their hobby is a great way to remind them you want them to find joy, even when school gets stressful.

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Finding the best gift for a college student might seem tough if you’re looking for something functional, fashionable, and meaningful. mymento can help. We offer a wide selection of stylish gifts for any student, no matter their style, taste, or hobbies. We offer personalized laser engraving on every product in our store, so you can add names, dates, and messages of care to whatever you share with your loved one. At the end of the day, no matter what you buy, the best gifts for college students come from the heart. Have any questions about personalization, or need assistance with your order? Contact us. We’re ready to help you give a gift you, and your college student will be proud of for years to come!
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